Pharmacy teaching vacancies in Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS)

Pharmacy teaching vacancies


Birla institute of technology and science (BITS) invites applications for pharmacy teaching vacancies for the post of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor available in Pilani and Hyderabad campuses in India. The prerequisite for the job is a Master’s degree in pharmacy (M.Pharmacy). Subdomains available to apply are pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, natural chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, phytochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance. Kindly read the full notification below for further details.

About organization

Since Seth Shivnarain Ji started a Patshala (1901) in Pilani to educate his grandsons, the Patshala underwent many positive evolutionary changes resulting in the establishment of a reputed institute. Reputed institute provides quality education along with practical knowledge to make their students achieve heights. Their students may be found in many parts worldwide in emerging areas of science, engineering, and commerce. BITS is an all-India Institute for higher education. This institute train young men and women in science, technology, and other areas of research to inculcate advanced knowledge in them.

Eligibility for teaching vacancy

Must-have eligibility for pharmacy teaching posts is a master’s degree in pharmacy discipline. M.Pharmacy specializations required for teaching is different according to the respective subjects. Please refer to the snippet for details.


Subject / subareaDesired Specialization for subjectBITS Campus
Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
P: Industrial pharmacy, Pharmaceutical technology, Drug delivery technology, Pharmaceutical process engineering, Formulation development, PBPK modelling, Pharmaceutical process scale-up;
H: Any
Pilani (P)
Hyderabad (H)
Pharmacology and ToxicologyBiomedical instrumentation, Medical devices, Bio-imaging, Safety pharmacology and toxicologyPilani
Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Drugs and PhytochemistryP: Drug design and synthesis, Pharmaceutical process chemistry and optimization, Bulk drug manufacturing
H: Any
Pilani (P)
Hyderabad (H)
Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality AssuranceDrug substance and product analysis, Bioanalysis, Hyphenated chromatographic techniques, Method development and validationPilani

Important points to consider

  • For the post of assistant professor, at least 2 years of Post-doc experience from reputed institutes is desirable.
  • Demonstrated excellence in research, teaching, and institute building is required for the post of a senior professor.

Interested candidates may apply for the posts by visiting the official website. Links are given below.

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