World pharmacist day 2022- Date, History, Activities, and Quotes

World pharmacist Day 2022

World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on September 25th of every year. This day is celebrated to appreciate and express gratitude towards pharmacists across the globe. Through a number of events and pharmacy-related campaigns, this particular day not only raises awareness of pharmacists worldwide but also effectively promotes their role in enhancing patient safety and health outcomes. World pharmacist day 2022 evokes us to commend pharmacists for their vital role in the healthcare community as especially played during the pandemic.

World Pharmacist Day is officially coordinated by International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), which is a non-governmental professional body representing over three million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The FIP introduces a new theme every year to highlight pharmacists and their beneficial impact on health.

Various activities are organised by hospitals, colleges, and universities across the world on Pharmacist Day to underscore the significance of pharmacists.

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History of World Pharmacist Day – Why do we celebrate it?

The idea to appoint September 25 as world Pharmacist Day was first proposed by Dr. Halil Tekiner (who was public relations officer of FIP young pharmacists group at that time) in his article entitled “Turkey celebrates National Pharmacy Day”. He wrote –

It is a pity that we do not have one common day for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists during which we can celebrate our profession together throughout the world. Therefore, here, I humbly suggest that we come together to celebrate an International Pharmacy Day on September 25. (…) It is my sincere wish that this humble proposal be considered by the relevant authorities before the Federation’s [FIP’s] centennial in 2012.

Halil Tekiner

The article was published on the FIP website to promote 69th FIP Congress to be held in Istanbul, Turkey. The all process led to approval and acceptance of September 25 as World Pharmacist Day.

Why September 25 is celebrated as World Pharmacist Day?

Initially, Tekiner proposed observing the official formation day of the FIP in 1912 as a “International Pharmacy Dayto solve the issue of choosing a day that the vast majority of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists of various nations could agree upon, without any ethnic, religious, geographic, or other discriminatory connotations.

With the help of Mr. Luc Becanson, Tekiner did intensive archival research and found that the foundation meeting of FIP was held on the afternoon of September 25, 1912. After that, Tekiner officially asked the Research and Development Department of the Turkish Pharmacists Association for their institutional support. Additionally, he communicated to several pharmacy historians and academic professors to raise awareness regarding the subject.

Finally, the proposal was officially accepted. The TPA, as a member organization with the right to propose resolutions at council meetings, recommended that World Pharmacists Day be observed every year on September 25 at the FIP Congress Council meeting, which took place from September 3–8 in Istanbul, Turkey.

World Pharmacist Day 2022: Theme

Here is the answer of what is the theme of world pharmacist day 2022. The theme of World Pharmacist Day 2022 is “Pharmacy United in Action for a Healthier World”International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) announced the theme on March 25, 2022. This year’s theme, chosen by the FIP Bureau, intends to highlight pharmacy’s beneficial effects on health all over the world and to further strengthen profession-wide cooperation.

Activities for World Pharmacist Day

A feel-touch activity you can do is to admire your family/community pharmacist. Go outside and give them a "THANKS" and a hug if possible.
Support them as you can. You can purchase basic medications from them for cold, flu, and fever etc. Also, you can promote them to locality.
A variety of social activities can be performed to highlight the profession of pharmacists. These activities are discussed further.
Social activities

World pharmacist day activities for colleges and universities

World Pharmacist day activities


Premises can organise free or cheap health checkup camps for the common civilians. It may include blood donation camps too. This will spread awareness among people regarding pharmacists’ role in the health care system.


Rallies are generally conducted by colleges in nearby cities and towns to highlight the pharmacy profession. Informative and attractive slogans can be presented by students. Conducting rallies has also been suggested by PCI.

Pharmacist week

Various activities like Quiz competitions, Play, Poster presentations, Logo making competitions, Slogans,  Speeches & Debates can be conducted during this week. 

world pharmacist day activities


As recommended by PCI too, colleges can add activities to sanitise nearby public area to spread hygiene and awareness regarding hygiene

Awareness Programme

Colleges should conduct awareness programmes. This may include the information related to common diseases, treatments, precautions and counselling.


To display boards and hoardings at prominent places to spread awareness regarding the role of pharmacists.

World pharmacist day: Quotes and Slogan

Some really catchy and interesting slogans which you guys can use in rallies and/or posters are given here. The slogans have been generated by a lot of pharmacist students and also’ve been collected from different pharmacist day rallies. These are given below.


World pharmacist Day 2022


World pharmacist Day 2022 images


World pharmacist day quotes

Pharmacist hai to Swasthya hai

#internationalpharmacistday Tweet
pharmacist day quotes


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